IOTA DXpedition 1999

Photo's from the Islands

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Melville Island OC-173

caravan.jpg (150072 bytes)   The "Caravan" our flying limo to Melville Is and back. Also back from Croker Is.

stooges.jpg (138292 bytes)   "The Three Stooges" at Melville Is airport. (Left to Right - VK2SRN-VK8NSB-VK2CA)

vertical.jpg (97423 bytes)  The R7 vertical in the grounds of Milikapiti School on Melville Is.

stuie.jpg (151745 bytes)    Stuie VK8NSB at the controls  of the FT920 on Melville Is.

gundxer.jpg (147390 bytes)   Steve VK2SRN - "told you I could turn it on!"

massembl.jpg (117066 bytes)    Special assembly to say "thanks" from the kids at the school the day we left.

Croker Island OC-229

arial.jpg (100405 bytes)   Arial view of Minjilang Community - Croker Island.

crokair.jpg (129056 bytes)     Croker Island International Airport :-)

402.jpg (115777 bytes)    The "402" our transport to Croker Is.

luggage.jpg (147888 bytes)    Some people travel light......not us though :-)

beam3.jpg (181249 bytes)    The "Team" posing under the 3 Element 10m beam on Croker Is.

qrzzzz.jpg (131194 bytes)    "Just one more call....QRZ...QRZ...QRz...Qrz......qrzzzzzzzz" The Team Leader hard at it!

steve.jpg (133670 bytes)    Steve VK2SRN making the 9000th call......I knew I should have turned his power off! :-)

Darwin on a fine day :-)

storm.jpg (141950 bytes)    Just another fine day in Paradise..........Hector pays a visit.

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